Blair Williams
“The Styles and Smiles of Savannah”, Blair is also the show director for the Club One Cabaret. She has held numerous titles in Savannah, including ‘Miss Savannah Pride’ and ‘Miss Gay Savannah”. In 2015, she won the national title of Miss Gay America.
Chi-Chi Bonet Sherrington
Our little “Hot Tamale” does it all, from GaGa to Nicki Minaj. She excites the audience with attitude, sass, dramatics, make up, and sex appeal. Chi Chi has been seen in several places such as Charleston, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Charlotte, but her heart lays here in Savannah at Club One. She is also the hostess and MC of our Thursday and Sunday cabaret shows. 
Destiny Myklz
The Official Hostess and Emcee of the Cabaret, Destiny is the longest running Emcee in the history of our cabaret! She is also our assistant show director here at Club One. Billed as the “Ravishing Red Head” and “The Eighth Wonder of the World”, you never know what she may do or say. Known for her signature “Attitude Check”, Destiny draws an eclectic group of fans ranging from bridal parties to birthday celebrations. Her mix of Stand Up Comedy and Classic Glamour makes her a “Must See” when visiting Savannah!
Jazzmyn P. Braxton
Also known as “The Swerves and Curves of Savannah”, is very soft and sultry. She took to the Savannah Drag World in 2004. “Jazz” dominates audiences by her unusual look and “cola bottle” figure. Female Illusion professional, goal oriented and a strong commitment to herself and the art of Female Impersonation. She is driven to succeed in all things that challenge her.
Jordan Sophia Alexander
She is your very own pocket sized pop princess with a twist. Also known as the ‘Toxic Barbie of Savannah’, she started out participating in our monthly talent searches and was casted early 2013. Jordan is known for her edgy numbers, and her ability to push the envelope of drag. You can catch her almost every Thursday and Sunday at the Bay Cafe!
Kendall St. James
Also known as “The Lil Bitch of Savannah”, and ‘The East Coast Party Girl’, Kendall joined the Club One Cabaret in 2005. She comes to us by way of Jacksonville, FL, where she began the art of female impersonation at the age of 17.,Kendall has been seen in Jacksonville, Charleston, and of course, here with her Club One family.
Layla Fox
Billed as “The Bitch So Country She Bleeds Gravy”, Layla has been entertaining Savannah for over 15 years. You can find her weekly in the ClubOne Cabaret – just look for the BIG HAIR! Layla is a frequent hostess of the Cabaret, Savannah Gay Pride, and Tybee Island Gay Days.
Motion has competed in numerous contests across the country including,“Miss US of A” and “National Entertainer Of The Year”. Motion is a former ‘Miss Gay Georgia’ and ‘Miss Hotlanta’,,just a few achievements in his profession.,Motion has her sites set on national notoriety, but enjoys calling Club One home.
Nala Couture
Known as “The plus size dancing sensation sweeping the nation” She is a former Miss Savannah Pride, two time national title holder and the current Miss Queen of Hearts. Nala is a well-rounded entertainer from her high energetic dance beats to her soft seductive love songs. Nala can be seen on Thursday and Sunday showcase.
Tiffany DuBois
Our very own, “Ebony Princess of Savannah”, is just that.,She is the first entertainer in Savannah history to hold all three of Savannah’s coveted beauty titles. A former Miss Club One Jefferson, a former Miss Savannah, and the first Miss Savannah Gay Pride, Tiffany has been a main stage entertainer at Club one for over 10 years.
  Talia DuBois Page
Known as the ‘Black Bandit of Savannah’, Talia is the newest member of the Club One Cabaret. She is a frequently seen in the Bay Cafe on Thursday and Sunday nights. Talia uses her talents in acrobatics to wow her audience. She is excited about future possibilities with her Club One family!
Tall and bubbly, she is the one and only Champagne! She is your current Miss Azalia Newcomer 2017, and a former Miss Savannah Pride. Champagne’s performances continue to amaze audiences around the southeast! Come and have a sip!